Frequently Asked Questions

You Ask — We Answer

Why is dental care so important?

Oral health is the highest correlation to overall health! Dental care is important for everyone, and especially important for those with health complications. High quality dental care ensures that an untreated infection from the mouth does not impact the rest of the patient's body. Also, helping a patient keep their oral health intact will be contributing to the patient's ability to feel comfortable in social settings, and ultimately, their quality of life.

Where does the dental work take place?

We work out of a mobile dental RV that houses two patient areas that we use in certain settings. Additionally, our mobile equipment is moved into the facility, where care is provided in a treatment room in order to ensure patient comfort and privacy.

How many patients do you serve at Doorstep Healthcare Services?

We serve nursing homes, assisted living facilities, addiction recovery sites, schools and we are looking to expand. We perform 125 patient visits a week and see more than 6,000 patients a year.

What is your new patient procedure?

We believe that access to quality healthcare is a basic human right of all individuals, regardless of income level or the ability to pay. We accept all insurances, private pay and will work with patients who don't have the ability to pay. All patients need to fill out initial paperwork before they are seen.

What is DHS's geographical service area?

We provide service throughout the state of Minnesota, including Anoka, Carver, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott, Washington and Wright counties.

What are the credentials of DHS's healthcare professionals?

All our staff are carefully screened. Once on board, they participate in our training to learn about providing care to special needs populations. Our professionals have indicated that their clinical skills have grown by working with the diverse patient groups DHS serves.

What if patients have special needs (are on a ventilator, have limited mobility, etc.)?

Our professionals are specially trained to effectively deal with many types of patients. Family members have often been impressed with the creative methods utilized by our dentists to provide care to special needs patients.

How does DHS survive financially when serving many patients on medical assistance?

Doorstep Healthcare Services’ accepts all forms of payments including insurance reimbursement, payment for services from patients and families. Grants are always being sought, and we have been fortunate to receive a number of grants from organizations that recognize the lack of dental care available to these under-served populations. We recognize the effect that individual contributors have on our future financial success and realize the value of retaining dependable means of financial support. We build our network of financial support to include corporate and foundation funding and private donations. Donate now!

How can I support DHS?

You can support our work in a variety of ways: Volunteer your time with your dental and non-dental skills, liking us on Facebook, and/or provide needed financial support!